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How to pay for Russian Tourist Visa Invitation?

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1. Step 

First visit our website and push bottom Apply Form   

2. Step 

Please select what type of visa you need, depend on it will different price. 

Single-entry tourist visa - if you would like to visit Russia not more than 30 days and cross border only one time. 
Double-entry tourist visa - if you would like to visit Russia not more than 30 days and cross border one or two times. 
Multi-entry tourist visa - if you would like to visit Russia many times during next 180 days and stay in country not more than 90 days totally. 

Please enter date of your ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE to/from Russia. 

Note: In one form, you can apply not more than 6 travelers.   

3. Step

Please apply information about travelers regarding from. We are happy to provide documents to any travelers who need to visit Russia.


4. Step

Please apply City's with your visit in Russia, Hotels and Date.
You can apply several cities, but very important to start from City with you arrive and finish from with you will depart. For example, Moscow (Arrival city) - St. Petersburg - Sochi - Moscow (Departure City).
Note: Arrival and Departure city is place where you will make passport control. 

You can apply hotel with you will stay in each city. You can book but not pay for hotel first. Importent accomadation must be hotel but not apartment. 
Note: If you will need to change hotel in Invitation, you can contact with us by email  and we will do it for FREE.  

You can apply date with you will be in each city. This is very imported if you need Travel Itinerary with we will send tou you together with other documents. 
Notel: Please apply new date from a day of eand previos. For example, Moscow (1.07.22 - 5.07.22) - St. Petersburg (5.07.22 - 7.07.22) - Sochi (7.07.22 - 10.07.22) - Moscow (10.07.22 - 11.07.22). 


5. Step

Please apply your email address with we will send documents also your phone number and select massager with you use. We need it for urgent contact with you during you will stay in Russia, and we mast to pass you important information.


IMPORTANT!!! If you need original document you can order delivery by DHL from our service. Please apply your post address and our program will be counting cost of delivery automatic. 

6. Step

Please check all information carefully, if you will see any mistake please return to previous step and apply right information. If everything right, use Next Step bottom. 

7. Step

Now we can offer payment only by PayPal, but you can pay by this option by your Debit or Credit card even you not have PayPal account. Please select PayPal like payment method and push Pay by PayPal.
Note: by this method you will not pay any extra charge and your price will not change at all.   


8. Step

The system will transfer you to PayPal form. Please select Pay with Credit or Debit Card (same like on right picture). Nest, please enter your email to receive bill (same like on left picture). 

9. Step

On next page you can pay already your Debit or Credit card like normally. Please select your country, apply card details and input billing address (better same with you used to apply for card).

 If you don't want to get account of PayPal, please select this option. If yes, please make password. After, please push bottom Continuer - system will send make payment or send you to 3D Verefication to your CARD BANK. 



















10. Step

After payment, you will receive email with your document during 2 minutes. If you order Original Document, we will send you by DHL on next working day after order. 


We will be happy to see you in Russia. 

If you have more question please read more material in our BLOG